Amrith Noni D plus successfully completes human trial; proves to be a much-needed “Elixir”

Dr Srinivasmurthy of Valyou Products receives Human Trail Report from Eugene Winifred, Project Manager of Syncretic Clinical Research

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 25: In a significant and path-breaking development, the Amrith Noni D Plus has successfully completed a human trial pertaining to diabetes. 

Disclosing this to the media, Dr A. K. Srinivasamurthy, Managing Director of Valyou Products Pvt Ltd said, As a result of changes in lifestyle and diet, diabetes is on the rise in India rapidly. In this regard, Valyou Products Private Limited has developed Amrith Noni D-Plus using special technology and research, it has undergone clinical trials in accordance with the rules and was brought to the market for use by humans. Lakhs of diabetics are benefiting from it today. 

We are very happy to inform you that Amrith D Plus has made tremendous progress with 100% positive results in human trials. Apart from helping to combat diabetes, it has been shown to have no side effects at all (100% no side effects). During the study, several new health benefits were discovered. In the world of Ayurveda, this is revolutionary research conducted by Valyou Products Private Limited. It is our pleasure to share this wonderful information with you. 

Valyou Products Private Limited has been helping lakhs of people improve their health for the past 14 years. Realizing the importance of health, Amrith Noni manufactures high-quality products using new technology under the guidance of doctors and researchers, and the company has GMP and ISO certifications to its credit. Amrith Noni D-Plus, an elixir for lakhs of diabetics, was recently subjected to clinical trials with the aim of spreading the importance of the healing effects of the Ayurvedic regimen and Noni fruit. Based on the results of this study, Amrith Noni D-Plus has been proven to be the best medicine for diabetes and diabetic-related health problems without any side effects. However, the organization thought of further researching the Amrith Noni D-Plus product. Thus, samples of Amrith Noni D-Plus products were given to Syncretic Clinical Services Private Limited, a research center licensed by the Government of India (CTRI registered). The results of the research conducted for the last six months are now received.

“I would like to humbly inform the public that lakhs of people who are diabetic benefitted from Amrith Noni D Plus product. This is the result of several research and trials that have taken place,” Dr Srinivasa Murthy added. 

According to this report, the result is 100 per cent positive, with absolutely no side effects at all. “In fact, during the research and study of this product, several new health benefits were discovered. 

It may be noted that Valyou Products Private Ltd has been helping lakhs of people improve their health for the past 14 years. “We have earned the affection, confidence and trust of the people by dint of our service and performance, both our personnel as well as products,” Dr Srinivasamurthy explained and added, “Amrith Noni D Plus is the proverbial Elixir for diabetic patients. In fact, the samples of Amrith Noni D Plus were given to Syncretic Clinical Services Private Ltd, a research Centre licensed by the Government of India (CTRI Registered). The results have been positive”. 

Explaining the process Mr.Eugene Winifred, who has conducted the trial, said,  A clinical trial was conducted on women and men with type 2 diabetes aged 30-65 years. According to the report, the Amrith Noni D-Plus product significantly reduced their blood sugar levels and brought them under control. However, what is brought out in this report is that HBA1C, FBS, PPBS and LIPID PROFILE were significantly reduced in those who took Amrith Noni D-Plus. In addition, there was a decrease in LOW-DENSITY CHOLESTEROL (BAD CHOLESTEROL) and an increase in HIGH-DENSITY CHOLESTEROL (GOOD CHOLESTEROL). Therefore, Amrith Noni D-Plus is very beneficial to the body. It was proven that instead of causing side effects, it had given side benefits.

Research also found that no side effects occurred even after taking Amrith Noni D-Plus continuously for six months on CBC, liver, kidney, and other organs. Potassium levels dropped to normal levels in those who had elevated levels of potassium. The CLINICAL TRIAL REGISTRY OF INDIA, Syncretic Research Lab report summary indicates that Amrith Noni D-Plus is not only effective but is also very ‘safe’ for consumption. In the Ayurvedic realm, this is a very important milestone.  This will remain as a memorable moment for Amrith Noni which is continuously striving to meet the needs of its satisfied customers across the globe he added. 

Doctor Mahantesh said,  “Clinical trial of Amrith Noni D Plus was conducted on patients in the age group of 30 to 65. We noticed that the blood sugar level had reduced and had come under control. In fact, the report also brought out the fact that HBA1C, FBS, PPBS and LIPID Profile got reduced and came under control. Additionally, there was a decrease in Low-Density Cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol) and an increase in High-Density Cholesterol (Good Cholesterol). According to this report, diabetes was significantly reduced without any side effects among those taking Amrith Noni D-Plus. With Noni fruit and traditional Ayurvedic herbs, this product is marketed as a diabetic elixir. The hard work of the organization has paid off in this way.

“Conducting human trials for Ayurvedic medicine is a rare but crucial step towards building trust and authenticity. The milestone set by Amrith Noni D Plus in successfully completing such trials has given much-needed validation to Ayurveda. Let us continue to support and encourage further such trials to pave the way for a brighter future for Ayurvedic medicine.” – Shekhar Khole, Chairman of Ayurvedic Resellers Association.

Mr.Eugene Winifred G

Product Manager,

Syncretic clinical Research Services Pvt. Ltd. Banglore.

Shekhar khole


Ayurvedic Resellers Association.

Dr. A.K. Srinivasmurthy

Managing Director,

Valyou Products Private Limited.

Mrs. Mangalambika

Managing Director, 

Om shree Marketing Solutions Private Limited.

Mr. Narayan CEO,

Om shree Marketing Solutions Private Limited.

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