How Diabetic Foot Scanners Can Detect Early Signs of Neuropathy and Prevent Amputation


Diabetic neuropathy is a frequent complication of diabetes where the nerves in the feet and hands are affected, leading to numbness, tingling, and pain. Loss of sensation can result in patients not being able to feel ulcers or injuries in the foot. If unattended, this can lead to serious complications, resulting even in amputation of the limbs. Diabetic neuropathy can be diagnosed early using appropriate diabetic foot care equipment. 

Kody Diabetic Foot Scanners 

Kody Medical Electronics, a manufacturer and supplier of diabetic care equipment in India, have a range of diabetic foot scanners, including a variety of digital biothesiometers, which help in assessing the sensitivity of nerves in the feet. Early detection and early intervention lead to improved patient outcomes and better quality of life.

Digital Biothesiometer – Biothezi -VPT

Biothesiometers are instruments used to measure vibration threshold in the limbs. Biothezi -VPT is a simple and economical biothesiometer used for the measurement of vibration perception threshold (VPT) in patients with diabetic neuropathy. A higher value of VPT indicates less sensitivity and greater risk for ulceration in a diabetic foot. The manual control for the application of vibration helps reach the anticipated value faster and locate the precise value with ease.

Kodys HCP Elite

Kodys HCP Elite is another simple and economical biothesiometer that can detect vibration perception threshold in the feet. This equipment has more advanced features such as a no probe alert and over range alert. It provides a dual colour display, red for the hot mode and green for the cool mode.


Small and large nerve fibres in the foot contribute to hot and cold and vibration perceptions. While Biothezi-VPT can assess sensitivity of large nerve fibres, Kodys HCP Elite can assess the same in small fibres. Early detection of abnormalities using appropriate biothesiometers can provide valuable inputs to physicians on the status of diabetic neuropathy in the patient. 


Kodys diabetic neuropathy equipment, such as foot scanners provide valuable inputs to physicians in the early detection of the disease. Early intervention through medication, active control of blood sugar levels, and implementing lifestyle modifications will result in better patient outcomes, to the extent of averting amputation.

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