Pulpit Mobility Launches Bidding System – A Satisfying Solution for Cab Riders and Taxi Drivers

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New Delhi (India), June 27: Pulpit Mobility, a subscription-based cab aggregator startup from Bangalore operating in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, introduces a comprehensive solution to organise and bring efficiency to the cab industry of India. With the recently updated partner app, the company launched a unique feature that brings more satisfaction to the two main players of the industry– the riders/customers and the drivers/service providers.

Pulpit Mobility is the brainchild of Yogesh Sharma, an experienced professional in the Mobility sector with over 7 years of experience. He recognised fragmentation in the online operations of this huge industry set to make a revenue of 13.41 billion USD by the end of 2023. It reportedly resulted in low levels of satisfaction for both the service providers and the customers. 

The largely unorganized industry operates in various fragmented groups collaborating through online messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram. They usually function in groups with a limit of 1024 participants on Whatsapp and 200K on Telegram. Due to this fragmentation, although the ride-hailing and taxi segment is predicted to have over 110.3 million users by 2027, there will continue to be an absence of standardized regulations of service. This lack of regulations becomes an obstacle for both drivers and riders, resulting in a market constrained by supply. 

Fragmentation of the cab industry also becomes a major cause of job insecurity among drivers and safety concerns among riders. Both parties face constant worries regarding payment security, unlawful/unlicensed operations/actions, delays in services, and overall low-quality experiences.

According to Pulpit’s own report, thousands of Whatsapp taxi business groups collectively generate a daily revenue of 730K USD. According to their sources, there is an expectation that Telegram maintains a similar number of groups, which consist mostly of 3-4K members, with some groups having as many as 60-70K members. Unfortunately, the organised taxi market makes up only 4 to 5% of the overall market share, and Sharma founded Pulpit Mobility, intending to resolve this issue for good.

So how does Pulpit Mobility ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved in the business through a single platform? They introduced a bidding system where drivers can negotiate a fair price for their services with the vendors, and riders can negotiate an affordable rate for their trip. This actually happens over a single platform but independently over two separate interfaces- Pulpit for Partners and Pulpit for Riders.

Pulpit’s partner app allows service providers, such as drivers, taxi service businesses, and travel agents, to register their services for customers. The platform operates on a one-of-a-kind subscription model in the country, enabling partners to conduct business and offer rides without incurring commission fees like other ride-hailing platforms. Here, drivers can negotiate jobs offered by vendors or travel agents by bidding the appropriate price they deem reasonable. This way, the company hands over drivers with more control over their earnings to make the marketplace fair and transparent.

On the other hand, riders can use the Rider’s interface to book an affordable ride by providing details, such as pickup/drop off location, time of pickup, and phone number. They choose to get a local ride, hourly rental, or take an outstation journey with Pulpit. To make ride-hailing and travel options more affordable to the general public of India, Pulpit Mobility allows riders to post bids on trips and get the best rates straight from the driver. In this way, Pulpit Mobility stands out in the ride-hailing and taxi industry as the only company to offer such a feature. 

Currently, the company has provided the bidding feature to riders only on outstation trips as the platform enjoys a massive demand for it and offers profitable opportunities to partners. As Pulpit Mobility is gradually increasing its network of drivers, it will extend the feature to other services in the future. Pulpit Mobility takes strict safety and security measures with rigorous driver verification, licensing, and highly surveilled payment security systems. It stems from Sharma’s vision to create a platform in which the riders match with drivers who have been thoroughly vetted and are deemed trustworthy.

Today, the company has organised a network of 60,000-70,000 drivers and partners to offer taxi services all over India through its website. It will soon be releasing an independent Rider App for smartphones to make hailing cabs easier and more convenient from anywhere and at any time.

Pulpit Mobility is a cab aggregator registered in Bangalore, conducting its main operations in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. They provide a one-stop application solution for a variety of travel problems, spanning from local and outstation travel to rental car service. Being in the cab industry for the last 5 years, Pulpit continues to strive to deliver a reputation as one of the best companies in India.

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