Captain India launches India’s first Pet Safety Station

The world’s first Pet Safety Station has been launched in India under the brand name of Captain India – Pet Safety

New Delhi (India), December 28: In a world where the bustling cityscape often overshadows the needs of our four-legged companions, there shines a beacon of hope that has been illuminating the lives of pets and pet owners alike since its launch in June this year. The world’s first, Pet Safety Station has been launched in India under the brand name of Captain India – Pet Safety. It is not just a mere facility; it’s a lifeline that showcases India’s unwavering commitment to the welfare of its furry citizens.

Nestled amidst the towering structures and vibrant streets of Mumbai, Captain India’s Pet Safety Station arose from an often-overlooked concern – the safety of pets amidst the chaos of urban living. With a rising number of missing pets, unfortunate road accidents involving animals, and the challenges of stray populations, the collective voice of animal lovers, non-governmental organizations, and municipal bodies resonated with the need for a transformative solution. And thus, the concept of Captain India’s Pet Safety Station was born. 

Post the pandemic, with a growing Pet Population the heartwarming bond between pets and their owners grew stronger across India, and so did the complex challenges associated with pet ownership in urban settings. Due to Rapid urbanization, the urban sprawl left pets vulnerable to neglect and unforeseen hazards, necessitating a haven for their safety. The emotional toll of losing a pet takes a heavy toll on pet owners, emphasizing the need for comprehensive safety measures. With a notable percentage of pets, around 10-12 %, going missing, the demand for a state-of-the-art pet safety station was undeniable.

To reunite missing pets with their pet parents, Captain India launched the World’s first 24/7 Pet Safety Station, a connected ecosystem for Pet Safety and Wellbeing. At the heart of the operation, this 24/7 Pet Safety Station operates around the clock to ensure Pet Safety and Wellbeing so that the pets receive prompt attention and care. Captain India’s Pet Safety Station is not just a facility; it’s a beacon of hope that assists lost pets in reuniting with their worried pet parents. Multiple hardware like Silicon and PVC NFC Tags, GPS Trackers, AI Cameras, Blue Tooth Tags, are connected to a mobile application backed by a 24/7/365 Pet Safety Station. The other services include nearby whereabouts like Groomers, Trainers, Vets, Walkers, Boarding, etc. Additionally, workshops, training sessions, and educational initiatives empower pet owners with preventive care insights, training know-how, and urban safety measures. The Pet Safety app provides users with instant access to a database of nearby emergency services, offering swift aid for their beloved pets.

Beyond the present and keep a vision for the future, Captain India’s Pet Safety Station prompts urban planners and developers to integrate animal-friendly infrastructure, pathways, and zones. The Pet Safety Station’s establishment is raising awareness and adherence to pet safety standards, fostering harmonious coexistence between pets and urban living. With Municipal corporations all across the country facing several challenges in dealing with the problem of stray animals, the power of collaboration partnering with municipal corporations, esteemed veterinarians, animal behaviourists, and pet safety experts, the Pet Safety Station operates at the intersection of expertise and compassion. 

India’s narrative is one of coexistence, where the old and new harmoniously intertwine. Just as historical landmarks share space with modern skyscrapers, so do the lives of humans and animals entwine. Captain India’s Pet Safety Station embodies this philosophy, sending a resounding message – in India’s journey of advancement, every soul, regardless of species, finds its place.

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